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Resurrection: Ch 3 - Fine Dining
Soichiro didn't sleep at all that night.
Part of this was down to the fact that he was perched on a kitchen chair that was too hard for anyone to sit on for very long. Most of it was because his mind was in too much of a turmoil to just switch out, no matter how tired he was. The door to L's room was like a magnet, drawing his gaze back to it again and again, no matter how often he looked away. He always stopped just short of opening it for fear of disturbing L, who had finally dropped into a restless sleep broken only by the occasional coughing fit.
That room. That damn room. It was like a song that he couldn't get out of his head. And L sitting down there, working on his laptop. There was no desk in that room, which meant he would have had to bend over. Soichiro supposed you could put the laptop on the futon and then sit in front of it, but that wouldn't be the most comfortable of positions and would still involve quite a bit of hunching on L's part.
No wonder
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Resurrection: Ch 2 - Promise
It was him.
There was no mistaking it; the young man curled up on the street was definitely L. Shock hit Soichiro like a truck and he physically staggered. Shock that L had been alive all this time. Shock at finding him here, of all places. Above all, shock that anyone who looked as ill and underweight as L could still be alive at all, but he was. The astonishing young man that Soichiro had believed to be dead all this time was alive, beautifully, wonderfully, blessedly alive, and sniffing a lollipop!
Unable to restrain himself any longer, Soichiro did something he'd never even have considered doing under any other circumstances; he took a quick step forward, seized L by the front of his t-shirt, hauled him upright and hugged him so hard and so abruptly that L almost stuck the lollipop up his nose.
"A simple good morning would have been just fine, Yagami-san," L remarked in a hoarse voice. He didn't return the embrace, but he didn't figh
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DNF Challenge 002: Stalemate
You know, Mello's not such a bad guy once you get to know him.  Of course, that's not easy, but once you manage to break through that cynical outer shell of his to the real cynic underneath, he's okay.  He and I have this arrangement; I steal chocolate for him and cover for him on the numerous attempts he makes to run away, and he does the same for me.  Minus the chocolate, of course.  Anyone who puts their hand within two feet of Mello's chocolate is going to be pulling back a stump.
I'm typing this on the top bunk and keeping half an eye on Near and Mello's chess game.  Chess is a favorite bonding activity at Wammy's, at least as far as the staff are concerned; the only real bonding Mello might consider doing with Near would involve industrial strength superglue, and somehow I don't think that's quite what the staff have in mind.
I sigh.  I know what he's going to ask.
"No, Mello.  I can't get you any more chocolate.  We're locked in, r
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Resurrection: Ch 1 - Email From Beyond the Grave
MAY 31 - JUNE 1
Forgive my contacting you like this after the Kira case, but I find myself in urgent need of your services. Please drive to the Hana Cafe in Aomori City this Friday and meet me in the third alley on the left (opposite the sakura) at noon. Sorry, I can't offer you any candy kebab this time.
Cordially yours,

There were three things wrong with this email, Soichiro Yagami thought as he stared at it.
The first was that L never set up face-to-face meetings. A very select few may be permitted to meet with him, but a casual email inviting you to meet up for a quick chat was not L's style.
The second was that Hana was a popular name for cafes in Japan, and the chances were good that there were several in Aomori City and Soichiro had no way of knowing which one the writer was referring to.
The third, of course, was that L happened to be dead.
Soichiro studied the email again. It was an imposter, that much was obvious, but while everyone knew ab
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DNF Challenge 001: That's Not My Name
Watari sat behind his desk, staring down at his visitor.  He'd really hoped to put off this meeting until the result of it could be swung far more in his favor, but it seemed the child in front of him had a different opinion on the subject.  Or if he hadn't, the rest of the staff at Wammy's House certainly had.
"I hear you've been rather uncooperative, Lawliet."
The eight year old boy with the shock of black hair simply stared at him, his face a mask.  "That's not my name."
Watari sighed.  He was beginning to wonder whether it was worth the time and effort he'd spent obtaining this boy.  At eight, he was already older than the rest of Wammy's acquisitions had been when they'd arrived.  Old enough to be rebellious.
"Please speak in English, Lawliet.  I know you can."
"Why?  We're both Japanese.  And that's not my name."
Very rebellious.  Yet with a mind like that, what was Watari supposed to have done?  Leave him in that smal
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Artificial Life
He's cold.
It's only a vague feeling – he's never been troubled much by heat or cold before; his artificial world is kept at a balmy temperature twenty four seven – but there's a definite chill on the back of his neck.  He thinks about it and then concludes that there are three possible explanations.
One: someone he's dealt with in the past has literally come back to haunt him.
Two: someone has opened a window.
Three: someone has opened the door.
Since he doesn't believe in ghosts, option one is out and the window is seen as a distraction for Wammy's kids – at least, the field agents – which is sort of why he's living in a converted airplane hangar, now that he comes to think about it.  That only leaves option three.
Heavy footsteps approach.  They do so rather carefully, accompanied by the occasional muffled swear word.  He knows the reason for this without having to think about it; the entire hangar is full of dice.  He's forbidden to
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I really like that you made the three of them look like regular people while still being instantly recognizable :) This is a great piece...



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No, I'm not talking about a spate of bad weather.  However, for the scattered few Sonic fans who are still waiting patiently for me to get off my butt and write it, I'm going official; the first chapter of Endless Winter will be up in January 2013 (Datewise, that's as specific as I get).

I posted it on my profile, but I'm not sure how many people check back on that, so I thought I'd stick it up here :) Sonic Generations got me back into the Sonic fandom :D I'm hoping to update Master of the Emeralds at around the same time...


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Hey, I just finished reading you 4 Sonic fanfictions on (Emeralds, Ancients, Mothers, Void) and I was very impressed! You kept everybody in character the entire time and captured how they would react to each other so realistically! And most importantly, you kept them acting like their real ages (Tails actually acts like an 8 year old, for example). I have half the mind to turn them into a series of flash films, but that's just wishful thinking in my part :XD:
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Thanks XD Yeah, I liked the first four best, not so keen on the fifth to be honest =P And...ooh, flash films...if you want to, you're more than welcome ;)
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I just read Gemini too, I thought it was just as good as the first four :XD: I didn't know there were 5 at first because the titles didn't have the same pattern :) I hope you keep writing the one where Knuckles looks after the kids and the one where he takes the girl to Angel Island :iconimhappyplz:
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